APEST is an online assessment--in both Solo and 360 formats that measures the philosophy of the 5 fold ministry model found in Ephesians 4, using over 10 years of practical application in various ministry contexts.  Learn More...


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Take the APEST assessment and learn your area of motivation and expression of the 5 fold model of ministry. Purchase single assessment, or for a group.

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APEST 360°

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Nominate 5 - 10 colleagues to take APEST on your behalf. You will get two sets of scores: your individual score and the 360 aggregated from your invited colleagues. You can therefore compare your self-perception with the community’s experience of your ministry and influence.

mPULSE Assessment

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FOR GROUPS ONLY! FREE for a limited time.  mPULSE is a missional fitness test that will measure a group's health as it relates to 6 general areas of missionality. Sign-up now to take your team through.